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*Only in Israel! - Every time you charge your credit card, the amount is rounded up to the nearest shekel, and the remaining Agorot are donated.

:Bank transfer detailes


IBAN IL060126810000000597844

Bank Hapoalim B.M. swift address is POALILI


Bank: Hapoalim (12)

Branch: Lev Dizengoff (681)

Account number: 597844

:donation by check

Donation by check can be written payable to: "Ma'avarim - Israeli Trans Community" payee only, and sending regular mail to either:


Ma'avarim, The Trans Center

Anielewicz 62

Tel Aviv 6706016



New Israel Fund
6 East 39th Street
Suite 301
New York, NY 10016-0108

please indicate that your check is donor advised to support: "Ma'avarim - Israeli Trans Community" payable to "New Israel Fund"

Please E-mail us at

with the donation details for a receipt

A tax refund is receivable following the donation of at least 100 ILS yearly.

The Ma'avarim organization is tax-exempt according to clause 46A.

The Ma'avarim organization is proud to announce that we've been awarded the Midot Seal of Effectiveness - a seal that measures organizations' chances of being effective, meaning, the chances of those organizations producing social value and creating a change in the lives of the people it serves.

The reception of this seal requires receiving a score of 75 or more as a result of a weeks-long test that is administered according to a thorough methodology and tests the organization in five areas: planning, execution, learning and measuring, leadership, and finances, and includes a report in areas such as ethics and transparency.

This seal is considered important by many donors who are interested in seeing the effectiveness of the organization that they're donating to as a condition of their donation.

Ma'avarim Tav Midot - valid until spetember 2024

Ma'avarim (מעברים - passageways, crossings or transitions in Hebrew) is a trans led NGO by and for the trans community. We are the largest trans resource center in Israel. We believe that knowledge is power, and that the knowledge about trans people exists within the trans community itself. We want to make the aforementioned knowledge accessible to all: doctors, educators, therapists, politicians, and most importantly, trans people themselves.

Our mission: To empower and uplift the trans community.

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